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We are a real estate enterprise that develops high level residential projects. We are in the business of providing you the best options when you decide you want to invest. We prioritize your well being, your quality of life and we strive to bring you a better place to live in.
Over 30 years of experience in the field has allowed us to stand out in the market, therefore working with dedication, commitment and responsibility for all our clients, in order to offer excellent real estate properties within the industry.

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Our number one goal is to generate the best investment opportunities for you, providing high capital gains on property value on our listings. Additionally, we strongly believe that our core family values, being respectful and encouraging a stable workplace, makes our team of staff one of our main assets.


We strive to be recognized for providing you with the best residential and real estate option, ensuring that your acquisition with us translates into a benefit today and tomorrow. Grupo Miraro Land Developers, a solid, trustworthy and innovative company.

We reinvent contemporary Mexican architecture because in addition to managing construction services, Grupo Miraro is also an investor in real estate projects.

Grupo Miraro has demonstrated in these 30 years firm determination and constant dedication in the process.
Grupo Miraro CEO

The satisfaction of those who live or invest in our developments is invariably our greatest purpose, who have the certainty that their assets will increase with the help and reliability of Grupo Miraro.

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